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About us


Frugear is an online-only store, started as a collaboration between two individuals who had one common desire. Bring affordable, quality consumer products to customers with a frugal mindset. We focus on people who don't want to break the bank when getting high-end gear.

With shared passions in technology products and e-commerce we worked hard on our store launch. In the interim we got noticed by a VC who bankrolls us. Shout out to FT!

Just before our store launch, the world pandemic known as Corona hit. We could go on trying to supply people with tech gear. We could give up and try something that didn't involve global logistics. Instead, we pivoted and got essential gear for people who can't self-isolate all the time.

Besides that we aim to provide important information and updates on the current crisis. All our advertizing and information is unbiased and not written towards our products. We'd rather have people be safe then have customers who are affected by this world-wide threat.

Now, thanks to our VC FoundTreasures, we can even do this without making a profit. That's right, we noticed profiteering was rampant and wanted to set ourselves on the right side of the karma slide. So, we will still operate a healthy business and keep buffers for operational needs. But at the end of every quarter we will donate our surplus capital to the WHO COVID-19 Response Fund.

We urge all entrepeneurs reading this to do the same. #NoProfiteering!