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FruGear mission statement

A lot has happened since we started this store, and we want to make sure we operate ethically and within the interest of the community at all times and at all cost. Therefore, we thought it would be good to write a mission statement during this crisis, which you can hold us accountable to.

Please feel free to reply in case you have any concerns or feel we are drifting off our course. During the current pandemic not everything is clear and some decisions are tough. We appreciated and value all feedback.

Crisis Mission Statement:

Provide consumer-grade gear which we believe can help during the epidemic in an ethical and responsible manner.

To do this we will:

  • Not profit from our sales, but donate all excess capital generated from sales to the WHO corona fund
  • Never use fear or fearmongering to advertize our products
  • Provide accurate information on when and why to use our products
  • Never stock gear which can be used for medical personnel
  • Never raise our prices
  • Check our numbers every week and see if we can reduce any prices
  • Ask continuous feedback from the community on our ethics and operations
  • Share important news updates from trusted channels as our advertizing strategy 
  • Create content which will help educate on best practices
  • Remove any product and donate our stock to medical centers should they be able to use them 

Important note: If you are a healthcare professional and can use any of our products in order to save lives, please reach out and let us help!